If you are already performing Short Sale transactions or are about to get into this area of the Real Estate market, there is something very important that you should know about in order to improve your chances for success.

This is a very competitive area of the market, and having the right tools can assure that your offer will be accepted by the REO.

As you may know, the BPO (the Lenders appraisal) is generally based on an assessment of an inspection performed by an individual representing the lenders position.

This BPO is usually an individual who arrives at the subject property with nothing more than a digital camera and general knowledge, at best, of construction and damaged home systems. Consequently, the BPO’s report is quite vague and very limited.

The BPO’s we have encountered didn’t even go on the roof. This is a very critical part of our assessment as many roof issues are generally found during our SSI (Short Sale Inspection) inspection and will add to the overall picture of the defects and damage present in and on this home, supporting your discounted offer to the REO.

On the other hand, you are in possession of a thorough and thoughtfully developed SSI Report which was performed by a “Third Party”... an Inspection company with NO vested interest in the property or it’s condition - good or bad.

This thorough report not only lists the defects, but also provides digital photographs of all of the issues at the end of the report (designed this way for a specific reason), as well as “Cost to Repair” figures.

I’m sure you understand the point being made here. It is in your best interest to contact us to discuss HOW and WHEN having a Short Sale Inspection can be of significant value to you in some of these Short Sale transactions.

Not every home you find in a Short Sale status will benefit from having this inspection performed, but when the conditions are favorable, the value associated with our service, without a doubt, will be extremely effective in supporting your offer.

You may wish to view our INFRARED CAMERA/ THERMOGRAPHY web page. This is just one of many “tools” we employ during the SSI inspection. See how this technology is used in the inspection process and what type of information and damage this tool will disclose in the home.

Do yourself a favor and call us about this type of inspection service. Our proven inspection methods can work for you too.

Call: RICHARD ALEXIS to find out more about this SSI Inspection Service
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Enforcement / Penalties for unlicensed activities
are delayed until March 2011.

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