Many years in the Construction Field combined with the experience as Chief Maintenance Engineer at Condominiums and Apartment Buildings in Florida and New York provides a knowledge base critical to thorough and accurate inspections. Reports are very clear, concise and supported with digital photographs to better understand the findings.



Indoor Air Quality, Environmental and Mold issues are quite common place in Florida. The constant use of Air Conditioners creates environments of re-circulated air which can lead to poor and unhealthy indoor air quality conditions and unwanted microbial growth not to mention the damage associated with water intrusions and plumbing failures that impact the building, furnishings and the occupants.

With the building materials used in the construction of Homes and Commercial buildings, even the slightest water intrusion or poorly controlled Relative Humidity (RH) can create conditions of poor indoor air quality as well as microbial and fungal growth, some of which could become toxigenic.

Richard Alexis, an Accredited Indoor Environmental Hygienist (AIEH) and Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) with extensive Building Science knowledge specializes in Indoor Air Quality and Water Intrusion investigations.

Industry standards such as the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) Standards, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines and the ANSI approved IICRC Standards for Water and Mold damage response are among some of the industries most informative and respected publications relied upon when performing thorough and comprehensive investigations.

Our team will collect the necessary field information, which may include various sampling media for laboratory analysis, conduct an investigation in accordance with these accepted industry standards and will provide a meaningful and informative report of the findings.

Projects requiring specific remediation response will have a Protocol written detailing the “Scope of Work” necessary for a properly licensed contractor to perform the work necessary to obtain a successful outcome and return the space to a normal fungal ecology.

Samples obtained during the assessment are delivered to an independent Environmental Microbiology Accredited Laboratory, with the proper Chain of Custody, to assure the accuracy and reliability of the sampling results obtained.

To avoid any sort of Conflict of Interest, we do not perform any repairs or provide any remediation. We are strictly your assessment and investigation provider. The information obtained on your project is held in the strictest of confidence and is not given out without your explicit instructions. You are our client and we respect and protect that relationship.


INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY is without question the most effective method of quickly and accurately locating water intrusions and moisture problems. Our INFRARED INSPECTION services employ the latest Infrared Camera and Thermographic imaging equipment and are conducted by a trained Infrared Consultant, using industry proven investigation and diagnostic methods of assessment.

This is a cost effective and non-destructive investigative tool, designed to locate thermal anomalies consistent with water intrusion issues eliminating the need to UN-NECESSARILY open walls, ceilings or floors to locate the problem.


Richard Alexis AIEH, CIE, CRI, RPI

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IEAQC Indoor Environmental Air Quality Council
Member # 08-120060
IEAQC Indoor Environmental Air Quality Council
Board Accredited: AIEH
Accredited Indoor Environmental Hygienist #FL 0019
IAQA Indoor Air Quality Association
Association Member# 7558
AmIAQ The American Indoor Air Quality Council
Certified Indoor Environmentalist CIE #2052
NAHI National Association of Home Inspectors
Certified Real Estate Inspector CRI #5169
FABI Florida Association of Building Inspectors
Registered Professional Inspector RPI # 0628
NAHI/FL Florida Chapter of NAHI
2006/07 Board of Directors
Certified Real Estate Inspector CRI # 063
Certified Disaster Inspector 2003
IAQA FLORIDA Council Advisory Board Member
University of Florida
My Safe Florida Home: Wind & Hurricane Mitigation Inspector (2007)
Asbestos Abatement: Management Planer (AHERA Certified 1990)
Asbestos Abatement: Facility Survey & Building Systems (AHERA 1990)
Gold Coast School of Construction
Home Inspection Course 2003
NY STATE Dept of Health Community Water Systems Grade C Operator
BUILDING SCIENCE Thermography Assessment Training 2006
CMC ENERGY SERVICES Certified Auditor 2004
PTA Professional Thermographers Association Member
EDR Environmental Data Resources Certified Inspector 2007
BREIA Broward Real Estate Investors Association Corporate Member
SBBOR South Broward Board of Realtors Associate Member


  Florida License
Effective: July 1, 2010,

Florida Law Requires Mold Assessors (Inspectors)
Mold Remediators & Home Inspectors to be licensed by the
Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
Enforcement / Penalties for unlicensed activities
are delayed until March 2011.

Hire State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessors
(Law requires experience & insurance / liability / E&O)

Verify a License (click here)
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